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  • How does a diamond detector work?
    Diamond detectors work on the basis of the physical properties of diamonds, mainly due to their excellent thermal conductivity. Diamonds conduct heat better than most other materials, including most other gemstones and commonly used diamond imitations. CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) and HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) refer to two methods by which synthetic diamonds can be produced. Both methods can produce diamonds that are very similar to natural diamonds in hardness and brilliance, but they have different physical and chemical properties that distinguish them from natural diamonds. A CVD/HPHT diamond detector is specifically designed to detect these differences. There are several techniques that such detectors can use: 1. spectroscopy: CVD and HPHT diamonds typically have different inclusions and imperfections than natural diamonds, which can be visualized by spectroscopic examination. For example, certain types of nitrogen or silicone impurities may indicate a synthetic diamond. 2. UV fluorescence and phosphorescence: Many synthetic diamonds show specific patterns of fluorescence and phosphorescence under UV light, which can distinguish them from natural diamonds. 3. electrical conductivity: HPHT diamonds usually conduct electricity better than natural diamonds and CVD diamonds because they often contain metal inclusions. Some detectors use this property to detect HPHT diamonds. 4. infrared spectroscopy: CVD diamonds can often be identified by the presence of hydrogen impurities, which can be detected by infrared spectroscopy. View and Edit Translation
  • Can the detector also uncover synthetic diamonds in set jewelry?
    Ja, der Detektor enttarnt auch Synthesen in gefertigten Schmuckstücken. Genau hier ist es besonders wichtig Synthesen zu enttarnen, um eine Vermischung zu verhindern.
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