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Grüner Satin
Grüner Satin
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Why do I need a diamond detector?

Distinguishing natural diamonds from laboratory grown diamonds requires specialized equipment and can't be done by the human eye. Accurate disclosure, supported by third-party tested Diamond Verification Instruments, ensures customers know what they are buying and feel confident in natural diamonds. The Problem Synthetic diamonds are almost worthless. There is no secondary market. The price development is steadily decreasing. One of the most problematic areas in the jewelry industry has been the mixing of synthetic with natural diamonds or the undisclosed use of synthetic diamonds with natural diamonds. Recent economic shifts and public attention have resulted in many changes in the industry as a whole. While synthetic diamonds have grown in prominence, their increased production has negative consequences in the market, with natural diamond packaging being manipulated. In regard to loose certified natural diamonds, one needs to be extremely careful due to the large quantities of falsely presented lab-grown diamonds that come with an original certificate of a natural counterpart. The Solution With a diamond detector for CVD and HPHT, you have a reliable means of distinguishing natural and lab-grown diamonds. This distinction also plays an important role in ensuring ethical trading practices and consumer confidence. To safeguard their investments, diamond buyers should have a high-quality lab-grown Diamond Detection Machine which is precise and trustworthy, Our portable machine is non-destructive to stones and was created to be quick, highly reliable, and with broad applications to address the needs of the trade. After Sales Service Update is an important factor to consider. The technology changes rapidly and the ability to update the software at regular intervals is crucial to ensure detection of new and different kinds of synthetic diamonds coming into the market.

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